Is this really a sensible way to celebrate Easter?


Diver Joe Egan dives 80ft as part of Sydney Royal Easter ShowRex

Forget chocolate binges and church services. These days, it seems, Easter is for showing off.

Take Joe Egan, pictured here launching himself from a dive platform 80ft in the air in the Sinbad International High Dive show at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Just what possessed him to do this is beyond us, but it made for a rather good photo opp.

Closer to home, anyone who fancies watching people taking their lives into their own hands will love the stunts performed by trailblazing motorbike daredevil Flyin' Ryan, who will be wowing the crowds by jumping through fireballs at Golden Sands Holiday Park in Northumberland on Easter Sunday.

And the Extreme Stunt Show has just begun its Easter tour of the UK, too. Until April 22, children and adults of all ages can watch people leaping into fireballs, over trucks and all sorts of other adrenaline-fuelled activities. Venues include Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage, Becketts Farm near Birmingham, and Doncaster Racecourse.

World's most extreme holiday activities

World's most extreme holiday activities

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