Hotlines set up to report hose ban cheats


Hotlines set up to report hose ban cheatsPA

Water companies are setting up hotlines to make it easy to report those who break the hose pipe ban, which comes into effect in the south and east on April 5.

The Sun reports that one in seven people broke the last hose pipe ban six years ago, but nobody was actually prosecuted as a result.

Around 22 million customers will be hit by this year's ban, and Thames Water boss Martin Baggs insists that all calls will be taken seriously.

Nick Ellins, drought liaison advisor at Water UK, which represents suppliers, told The Sun: "When residents contact companies, it's because someone they know isn't doing their bit and they want something done about it."

An internet survey found that 30 per cent of people would be prepared to report those who flout the ban, and anyone who is caught faces fines of up to £1,000.

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