Big Ben to to be renamed Elizabeth Tower?


Big Ben to be renamed after the QueenPA

MPs are bidding for St Stephen's Tower, most famously known as Big Ben or The Clock Tower, to have its name changed in honour of the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee.

The senior MPs are calling on Parliament's authorities to thank the Queen for her 60 years of service by renaming the landmark Elizabeth Tower.

The idea, which came from Tory MP Tobias Ellwood, has already been backed by Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem politicians including Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind.

'I cannot think of a greater tribute for Parliament to bestow than to rename such an iconic landmark as the Clock Tower,' Mr Ellwood told The Sun.

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw said: 'I think it is a very fitting tribute to a monarch who has served the country so well.'

A similar tribute was made to Queen Victoria in 1860, when the Palace of Westminster's west tower had its name changed from The King's Tower to Victoria Tower in celebration of her long reign.

What do you think of Big Ben being renamed Elizabeth Tower after the Queen? Would you call it something else? Let us know below.

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