New James Bond film boosts bookings in Bognor


New James Bond film boosts bookings in BognorRex

The Bognor tourism industry has been left shaken and stirred by the decision to film parts of the new James Bond film at the British seaside resort.

The area has seen a 40% increase in bookings since news of filming was leaked in January, says

According to The Daily Telegraph, Bognor Regis was chosen as a location venue after the film studio MGM filed for bankruptcy. Other Bond films have been shot in exotic locations like Cuba, Thailand, Brazil and Jamaica.

But Bognor was chosen after the movie's budget was cut. Other parts of Skyfall - set for release in November - were shot at Pinewood Studios, other parts of Britain and Turkey.

Well, who needs Jamaica and Brazil as a backdrop, when there's a Butlin's holiday camp just down the road...?

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