Walking on air: The village where everyone has their head in the clouds


Walking on air: The Nepalese village of Nagarkot where everyone has their head in the cloudsCaters

Imagine opening your front door and finding your head, quite literally, in the clouds.

At 7,200ft high, that's the reality for the people living in the Nepalese village of Nagarkot in the Himalayas.

While most of us have to look up, the 3,500-strong population look down to see a carpet of clouds, with Mount Everest as its neighbour.

Ukrainian photographer Anton Jankovoy, travelled to the stunning area, which is 20 miles east of the Nepal capital Kathmandu, and took a set of amazing pictures, including the above.

He told the Daily Mail: "I live and work the most of the year in Nepal and this village is my favourite place there, a place where I spend almost all my free time.

"The scenery is stunning and for these people living above the clouds is just a normal day for them despite how amazing it looks to the rest of us.

"Most of us in the rest of the world spend our lives looking up at the clouds but they have to look down to see them, for me this place is heaven."

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