Meet my partner - the Statue of Liberty: Woman speaks of her love


Meet my partner - the Statue of Liberty: British woman speaks of her loveGetty

We've all fallen in love on holiday - but a woman from Yorkshire has taken the concept of holiday romance to a new dimension, having declared her undying love for her "partner" - the Statue of Liberty.

Amanda Whittaker has a condition called objectum sexuality disorder - where people fall in love with inanimate objects.

She has uncontrollable feelings towards the statue, whom she calls Libby, with whom she says she is deeply in love.

Speaking on ITV's programme This Morning, she described how she thinks of Libby as her partner. Her feelings run so deep that they mean she cannot form a romantic relationship with another human being.

"I am blown away by how stunning she is," she said.

She has visited the statue on four occasions, where she says she kissed and carressed it.

However, she has decided against marrying the landmark because so many others love her too."

While the Statue of Liberty is mightily impressive, we thought the famous statues below would make good partners in life too...

Loveable statues around the world

Loveable statues around the world

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