Gary Barlow shows off his holiday snaps on Twitter


Gary Barlow shows off his holiday snaps on TwitterGary Barlow/Twitter

Gary Barlow has taken to Twitter to share a picture of himself enjoying the sunshine at the top of Cape Town's Table Mountain.

Gary, who is in South Africa to film an advert for Marks and Spencer, seemed to be enjoying his trip - and was impressed with the scenery.

He tweeted: "Well I made it to Cape Town. It was worth all the drama. Beautiful Place."

Gary didn't have the best start to his trip as his outbound BA flight had to turn back after 11 of the cabin crew fell ill.

The Daily Mail reports that British Airways is still investigating what happened, but have confirmed that there was no fault on the plane or its oxygen system and none of the cabin crew had eaten anything before the symptoms started.

The pilot was already three hours into the 12 hour flight when he made the decision to return to London Heathrow.

On Thursday Gary tweeted: "Flew to South Africa last night. Had an ill passenger on board. Just landed back in London #tryagaintonight"

He later explained he'd travelled: "3hrs and then 3hrs back" and has to do 14 flights in the next five weeks. He added: "Not a good start!"

However, Gary is obviously determined to make the most of his trip to South Africa and says that next time he travels he'll ask his followers for trips about what to see and do.

He tweeted: "Wow, so many of you have been here. In future I'll ask for tricks and tips before I travel #gbarmy"

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