Caught on camera! Rare baby snow monkeys in Japan


These rare Japanese baby snow monkeys are thoroughly enjoying the famous hot springs at Jigokudani monkey park in Nagano.

Snow monkeys can endure freezing conditions but are found only in the wild in Japan. They're a protected species (although are widely regarded as a pest by farmers as they eat seeds).

Photographer Ben Torode captured some delightful scenes of the babies interacting among a group of adult macaques, who come to bathe in the warm water during the winter.

Photographer Ben told Rex Features: "It seemed the little monkey was just starting to enjoy time away from its mother, but would often run out of the bath to check where she was.

"My favourite images would have to be the ones that show intense preening becaue it reveals how many traits these monkeys share with humans."

Beautiful images of baby snow monkeys

Beautiful images of baby snow monkeys

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