Thief who broke both ankles fleeing hotel gets little sympathy from judge


Thief who broke both ankles fleeing hotel gets little sympathy from judgeGetty

A man who broke both ankles as he ran from a hotel with a stolen bottle of whisky has been shown little sympathy from the hotelier he stole from and the judge who sentenced him.

Daryl Philips, 29, sustained the injuries when he jumped 18 feet from a multi-storey car park in Torquay as he tried to get away.

The Daily Mail reports that as he lay on the ground he called up to hotelier Rick Johnson and told him that he had broken his legs. He replied: "Good, you thieving s***".

He then tried to crawl away to escape police, but was found hiding in bushes nearby.

He admitted two burglaries and was jailed for 34 weeks, suspended for a year, and ordered to undergo a year's supervision.

Judge Erik Salomonsen at Exeter Crown Court said: "When you jumped off the car park and broke your ankles and the man pursuing you expressed no sympathy, he was expressing the view that most of the residents of the town would express."

Prosecutor Howard Philips explained: "The owner of the hotel recognised him and chased after him with his daughter's boyfriend.

"They chased him into a car park and cornered him and asked him to give the bottle back but without looking he jumped over the wall of the car park and dropped 18 feet onto hard concrete.

"He later told the police he could not remember what happened because he had drunk a bottle of vodka and taken two lines of cocaine."

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