Britain is colder than Mount Everest


Britain is colder than Mount EverestAFP/Getty

Yesterday Britain was colder than Mount Everest as temperatures dropped to -18.4C in Surrey - compared to -17.2C at Lukia in Nepal, the base camp where climbers prepare to clime Everest.

The Sunday Express reported that the Met Office reported widespread sub -10C temperatures between the Home Counties and the Humber, and almost reached England's coldest February record of -20.6C at Woburn, Bedfordshire, in 1947.

The Telegraph reports that, on Friday night, temperatures dropped to a low of -17.8C in Chesam, Buckinghamshire - which is colder than Moscow.

However the freezing temperatures aren't expected to last for much longer.

A change in wind direction is likely to bring temperatures back up to the average for this time of year, although the Met Office still has a level-three cold weather warning in place until Tuesday.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell told The Telegraph: "We are getting a much quieter picture across the UK this week, which I am sure will be a welcome respite from the cold."

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