Hotel review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London

AOL Travel reviews one of London's most iconic and historic hotels, St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Date published: 02/10/2012
4.5 / 5 stars

Hotel review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, LondonMarriot Hotels

What's to love?
Wonderful architecture, fantastic location, luxury at its finest - all housed in one of London's most beloved historical buildings.

Tell me the story!
St Pancras was designed in the 1860s by renowned architect George Gilbert Scott. His vision of a palace-like structure was brought to life in 1868 when the station was opened as the main terminus for the Midlands. In 1873, the lavish and innovative Midland Grand hotel was opened on the site at cost of £438,000 (around £500 million today).

By the mid 1920s, competition in the capital was fierce and the hotel was beginning to become dated. The hotel struggled to compete and was forced to close in 1935. The building's chequered history since then included surviving three bombings in the Second World War before becoming the headquarters for British Rail for a period.

It was eventually put up for demolition in the 1960s, but was saved from this fate by becoming a Grade I listed building. British Rail continued to use it until the late 1980s, then laying derelict for the next 20 years. It was occasionally used for shooting films including Harry Potter and Batman and also The Spice Girls video for their first single Wannabe.

New hope came in the late Nineties, when St Pancras was chosen to serve as the main terminus for Eurostar. In 2002 Manhattan Loft Corporation won a contract to renovate the building which included a new hotel and luxury loft-apartments.

English Heritage and Marriot came on board together with hundreds of craftspeople and conservationists to work on the renovation project, ensuring no detail was missed. Restored to its former glory, the hotel reopened in May 2011 and the rest, they say is history...

Hotel review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, LondonThe Midland Grand Hotel, Credit: Marriot

Tell me a secret!
An innovator of its age, the hotel pioneered the first lift in world (it was referred to back then as a "hydraulic ascending chamber"). It also fitted the first revolving door in Europe, the first ladies smoking room in Europe and even the first flushing hotel toilets.

First Impressions
St Pancras Renaissance certainly has the wow factor. From the moment you step through the doors, you feel you are transported back in time, while its modern twist makes it almost futuristic. Every area of the hotel has tells a story – even the spectacular lobby once served as the original hotels taxi rank.

Hotel review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, LondonThe Lobby, Credit: Marriot

You'll be impressed by the staff – they're extremely passionate about the hotel and every one of them seems to have charming anecdotes about the building's history.

The place is perfect if you...
...really want to treat yourself. Guests can take tea in the lobby, drink cocktails in the Booking Office or relax in the luscious spa (equipped with sauna, steam, pool and gym), housed in the restored steam kitchen.

Hotel review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, LondonThe Pool Area, Credit: Marriot

Best rooms in the house
The hotel is made up of 38 luxury suites in the 'old' hotel together with more than 200 bedrooms in the 'new' wing of the hotel. The rooms ooze contemporary-cool while paying respect to their grander origins. If you are lucky enough to stay in a suite, guests can enjoy views of the extensive St Pancras concourse (a must for train-spotters), exclusive use of the VIP staircase and Chambers Club Lounge (serving round-the-clock snacks & drinks).

Hotel review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, LondonThe Chambers Suite, Credit: Marriot

Where to eat
There are two restaurants in the hotel – The Gilbert Scott, operated by Marcus Wareing and the less formal Booking Office Bar. We opted for the latter, where starters, mains and wine for two would set you back around £90. Be warned: it can be quite busy and service may be quite slow - so be prepared to wait.

Hotel review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, LondonThe Booking Office, Credit: Marriot

Things to do, places to see...
You have London on your doorstep. But once you experience the hotel, you will not want to leave.

Top tip
You can access St Pancras Station from the hotel. Perfect if you want to hop on the Eurostar to Paris after your stay.

Rooms start at £295 per person in a double room, excluding VAT. For the Royal Suite, prices go up to (wait for it) £10,000 per night.

The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, Euston Road, England NW1 2AR. Tel: +44-20-7841 3540 Web:

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