Amazing pics: 'Tsunami' wave clouds hit Florida's coast


Amazing pics: 'Tsunami' waves clouds hit Florida's coastJR Hott/Panhandle Helicopter/Facebook

The residents of Panama City would have been forgiven for feeling slightly panicked when they saw this 'tsunami' coming.

But, thankfully, the scene was actually created by a group of wave clouds that had formed over the Florida coastline.

The stunning pictures were taken by helicopter pilot JR Hott, from Panhandle Helicopters, who posted the images on Facebook.

According to the Daily Mail. Mr Hott told KATU: "Oh my God, we've got thousands of shares and thousands of likes. It's amazing to me how this thing has gone nuts."

Dr Greg Forbes, of said the natural phenomenon occured as a result of "warm, moist air forming 'just right' as it blew into the coastline, forming a low-lying fog that dissipates as the air cools with altitude".

It's not the first time the team at Aol Travel have seen this strange formation - back in December 2011, the people of Alabama also experienced a cloud 'tsunami'.

See the video and pics of the Florida phenomenon below:

Amazing tsunami clouds

Amazing tsunami clouds

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