Coolest beach house in Britain on sale for £1 million


Coolest beach house in Britain up for sale for £1 million in Newquay, CornwallBNPS

It would be a true surfer's paradise - a luxury house perched on its own island on the beach in Newquay, Cornwall.

But it comes at a nice price, too: £1 million, to be exact.

Lord and Lady Long are putting their fabulous home on the top of Towan Island up for sale after 10 years - because the elderly couple are looking for something with a more 'accessible' front door.

The house is accessed only by the privately-owned suspension bridge - the only one of its kind in Britain - which is 100ft long and 90ft high.

The three-bedroom home, which Lord Long, 83, describes as "one of the most incredible spots", was bought by the couple for £500,000, and was originally meant to be a holiday home. But they loved it so much, they moved in permanently, according to the Daily Mail.

When the tide is in, the island is completely surrounded by water, and property has 360-degree views thanks to clever terracing.

Sarah Lillicrap, from Lillicrap Chilcott estate agents, which is dealing with the sale, told The Sun: "It must be one of the most photographed homes in the country.

"The bridge is an amazing structure but as I understand it Lord Long is ready for something with a slightly more accessible front door."

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