'Smelly nappy' grounds Qantas plane


'Smelly nappy' grounds Qantas planePA

A stinky nappy has been blamed for grounding a Qantas plane flying from Darwin to Brisbane.

The Qantas flight made an emergency landing at Mt Isa on Sunday after passengers and crew complained of a 'strange' smell' coming from the front cabin.

One passenger said the crew thought it might sewage, and were concerned it could leak on to the electrics, so the decision was made to land.

But a commenter on the Aviation Herald website, calling himself "Frank Smith", revealed the real culprit, according to ntnews.com.au.

"Unfortunately the fumes turned out to be a very smelly nappy dumped in the forward toilet," he said.

"Procedures dictate to land as soon as possible.

"(It's) very embarrassing for us all at (Qantas), but, better safe than sorry."

Qantas has not confirmed or denied the story, but passengers say they had to be forklifted off the plane - taking two hours with five passengers being forklifted at a time - because the airport did not have the facilities to accommodate the big Boeing 767.

Passengers on the flight did, however, praise the airline in its actions, with one saying it did "everything to accommodate us".

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