Woman becomes first female train driver in the Middle East


Woman becomes first female train driver in the Middle EastYouTube

A 28-year-old woman from Dubai has become the first female train driver in the UAE and, in fact, the whole of the Middle East.

Mariam Al Safar is one of just a few UAE residents qualified to get behind the controls of a Dubai Metro train, and the only woman, according to the Daily Mail.

Dubai's metro system, which has been described as the most advanced in the world, is actually manned by an automatic driving system. But the metros still need manual operation when they are under overhaul or when accidents happen.

Faith Mutune, Mariam Al Safar s colleague, told the Dunya News: "She is the first local to drive. She was the only train attendant (when) we had a local. She is very hard working. She works early to come to work. She does night shifts, and she is everywhere."

Miss Al Safar told Gulf News: "I am always open to challenges and I am not afraid to take risks. I work hard and my job is my top priority."

Unlike some countries in the Middle East, Dubai has seen a rise in women successfully entering traditionally male-dominated workplaces thanks to a government drive to empower women.

Mariam added: "The government is always pushing women to be leaders of the future, so they are encouraging women to enter different fields."

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