No kidding: Pet goat hits the surf in LA


Barcroft Media

A two-year-old goat has been videoed surfing the waves in California after her owner discovered her talent on a previous trip to the beach.

The kid, called Goatee, has been a water baby for most of her life.

Goatee's owner, Dana MacGregor, spotted her at a local goat farm and thought she would make a great lawn mower – little did he know that seven months later she would become a world famous surfing goat.

Dana is so fond of his pet that on his 33rd birthday he could think of nothing he'd like to do more than take Goatee down to Pismo Beach, California and share his favourite sport with her – surfing.

"I think she enjoys riding the waves," explained Dana. "My hope is that she will get more and more used to it.

"She's around humans more than other goats so she just thinks she's one of us.

"I had no idea that getting a goat would bring so much laughter and joy to people."

Dana has set up a YouTube channel called Goatee and Me to document their fun, and it will release a new video every month of Goatee's latest unusual experience.

Dana aims to utilise the publicity he has gained around Goatee's adventurous spirit to raise funds to start a football academy in Mozambique.

Goatee is also heading up an initiative to gain donations of $50 (£31) to buy individual goats for families.

And now she's become a bit of an internet hit. See her in action below (how cute is the bright yellow life jacket?):

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