Snow? What snow? UK "hotter than Turkey" this week


Whatever happened to winter?

Forget those plans to escape to warmer climes - because this week, Britain will be balmier than hotspots including Istanbul (pictured above) and Milan, according to Met Office figures.

In Istanbul, temperatures will average at less than 9C, while figures in London and the south east will hover around the double figure mark. In Manchester, it's expected to reach 12C on Tuesday, and even Edinburgh will be balmier than continental cities such as Milan.

Snow? What snow? UK 'hotter than Turkey' this weekPA

Despite predictions that temperatures were set to plummet, parks around many parts of the UK were packed as people enjoyed relatively warm and sunny spells and early blooms.

Forecasters say that the predicted cold snap last week went to Scandinavia instead.

Only hill regions of Scotland and the north of England saw any snow...

Snow? What snow? UK 'hotter than Turkey' this weekPA

Looks like we're still on course to for the warmest January on record.

In pictures: Winter 2012

In pictures: Winter 2012

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