Revealed! Where the kids REALLY want to go on holiday


Revealed! Where the kids really want to go on holidayPA

Forget Disney World, a Spanish island or an African safari. The holiday kids want most is to the moon, according to a recent poll by

The moon was favoured by 47 per cent of children, followed by a trip to Disney World, Narnia, Hogsmeade from the Harry Potter films and Lapland.

The online travel agent surveyed 2,105 British parents with children between the ages of three and eight, asking them to speak to their kids about their ideal holiday destinations. The children were shown a mixture of fictional, real-life and unrealistic settings for holidays and were asked to pick their three favourite places.

Parents also gave their children the option of 'other', where they were asked to provide a specific place and one parent claimed her daughter wanted to visit her 'Granny's house' for a holiday.

Co-founder of Chris Brown said: 'Having four kids of my own, I know that mine would pick Disney over any destination, but it's incredibly cute to see that so many selected fictional destinations and the Moon! I know if I was young, there'd be nothing more exciting than the idea of going somewhere like the Moon or Narnia. As far as the kids are concerned, they are all very magical places that are still seemingly within their reach.'

The top 10 places kids would most like to visit

1. The moon - 47 per cent
2. Disney World - 41 per cent
3. Narnia - 39 per cent
4. Hogsmeade - 26 per cent
5. Lapland - 25 per cent
6. Hundred Acre Wood - 17 per cent
7. Hogwarts - 14 per cent
8. Pride Rock (The Lion King) - 9 per cent
9. Australia - 4 per cent
10. Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob SquarePants) - 2 per cent

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