Snow this week! Forecasters say it's colder than Iceland


Snow this week! Forecasters say it's colder than MoscowPA

The UK's sub-zero conditions are set to continue this week, with snow and winds of up to 40mph - after one of the mildest winters on record.

Forecasters say temperatures are expected to hover at around -4C this week, which is colder than those predicted for Reykjavik, Iceland, where temperatures are set to be reach as high as 6C during the day. Even in Moscow, temperatures were relatively mild -2C this weekend.

Snow this week! Forecasters say it's colder than IcelandPA

Parts of the country will see their first proper snowfall by the end of the week. Northern and western parts of the UK will be hit the hardest.

Met Office forecaster Bryon Chalcraft told the Daily Mail that while temperatures could climb again to up to 11C on Wednesday, the cold snap will return by Thursday, when freezing winds and snow showers are expected, due to north west winds.

Elsewhere in Europe, huge snowstorms have been causing travel chaos and disruption. Last week, freak snow fall of up to 18ft trapped thousands of skiers in resorts in the Austrian alps.

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