Facing arrest, Sarah Ferguson cancels travel plans


Facing arrest, Sarah Ferguson cancels travel plansAFP/Getty

Sarah Ferguson has reportedly put all her travel plans on hold amid fears that she could be extradited to Turkey.

The Duchess of York was due to fly to the US this week but her lawyers have warned that it's safer to stay in the UK as she could be detained under an international arrest warrant after she was charged by Turkish authorities over a TV documentary that she filmed in 2008.

Last week ABC News reported that Turkish prosecutors wanted Sarah Ferguson on charges that she violated the privacy of orphans and illegally obtained footage when she made the undercover documentary Duchess and Daughters: Their Secret Mission.

Sarah and her daughter Eugenie went undercover for ITV Tonight to expose the plight of Turkish orphans.

The documentary highlighted the poor conditions inside Turkey's Saray orphanage, which houses hundreds of disabled children. It showed children living in unsanitary conditions, dressed in rags and tied to bed posts.

Although the UK has refused to extradite the Duchess, another country could if she decides to travel. She could face up to 22 years in prison if found guilty.

The Sun reported that a friend said: "Sarah is in shock, this has all come out of the blue. She didn't expect charges to be brought so long after her trip to Turkey and certainly didn't expect that she would be unable to go abroad."

The BBC reported that she is "happy with courage to stand by the film."

Her spokesperson said: "She is not travelling at the moment. She's staying in the UK to sort this."

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