Rihanna to whisk Katy Perry off on girlie holiday


Rihanna to whisk Katy Perry off on girlie holiday in MexicoRex

There's nothing like a girlie holiday to get you over a romance.

And that's exactly what Rihanna has planned for her pal Katy Perry this month, as Russell Brand files for divorce.

The two singers have become close friends, with Rihanna even helping to organise Katy's hen do.

And now she wants to help cheer Katy up after her 14-month marriage comes to an end - with a pick-me-up sunshine trip to Mexico, according to the Mirror.

Rihanna has also reportedly asked Katy to join her in Barbados. A source told The Sun: "Katy was embarrassed about calling her parents as they'd been so against Russell in the first place, but Rihanna was a great support for her and she really helped to calm her down. When Katy told her the news, she suggested flying down to Barbados to stay with her and her family."

Russell and Katy spent Christmas apart, with Katy enjoying a holiday in Hawaii, and Russell heading to Cornwall for the festive season.

Rihanna has spent Christmas in Barbados, and headlined a private party at the exclusive Sandy Lane Resort on New Year's Eve.


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