Spring come early? New Year set for 'mini heatwave'


Spring come early? New Year set for 'mini heatwave'Boxing Day swim: PA

Britain is expected to see temperatures of up to 14C on New Year's Day - as a mini heatwave sweeps in from the South Atlantic.

The unseasonably balmy weather is expected to continue until next Monday, with temps more commonly associated with spring.

Forecaster Charles Powell told the Express: "These are the type of temperatures we would expect to see in April during the spring, though I should stress it will only stay that warm for three days."

By Monday the mercury will drop back down to between 5C and 8C. But there is no sign of the kind of cold snap normally expected for this time of year, and temperatures further into January are likely to be a warm 12C to 13C.

The recent balmy weather has been playing havoc with the country's wildlife, plants and flowers.

This time last year, most of us were knee-deep in snow as the big freeze settled in. But this year, the UK is bursting into bloom, thanks to the freakishly mild temperatures.

Many trees and flowers are blooming more than two months prematurely - and the warm weather appears to have been a catalyst for all sorts of freakish events, including apple trees bearing fruit and cherry trees flowering.

The UK also this week enjoyed the warmest Boxing Day for 28 years, and Brits made the most of the lovely weather with Boxing Day and Christmas Day swims across the country.

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