Video: Seaside town deluged with strange ocean foam


Video: Seaside town deluged with strange ocean foamThe Sun

It was bubble trouble in the seaside town of Cleveley, near Blackpool, today as the streets were flooded with a strange foam coming from the ocean.

A layer of oily bubbles whipped up by the sea covered cars, roads and houses, and left drivers struggling to make it through the streets.

Resident Gordon Stanley told The Sun: "The situation with the foam is horrendous. Normally it happens once every few years but it has been like this three times this year.

"It is oil-based so it is terrible for your car and stains your clothes and windows, people don't like to go out of the house."

Staff at the Enviromment Agency are investigating, and believe it may be caused by decomposing algae "churned with the tide and westerly wind".

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