Snow? What snow? Christmas in UK set to be warmest on record


Snow? What snow? Christmas set to be warmest on recordPA

Dreaming of a white Christmas? It looks like snow will be a no-show, as latest forecasts indicate that the festive break is far more likely to be green.

Despite the sub-zero temperatures and snowstorms of recent days, weather experts have not only ruled out the white stuff over Christmas – they say that Britain is set to bask in one of the warmest Christmas Days ever.

The freezing temperatures that had many of us shivering this weekend are about to give way to a sudden tropical burst of air - which means temperatures will reach as high as 14C in places.

In the past few days, north-westerly winds have been causing the coldest spell of weather so far this winter, sucking air south from Greenland and the Arctic.

But the Met Office says that a change in wind direction means westerly breezes originating from the tropics are set to send temperatures soaring, even to the north of Scotland, where predicted temperatures could reach as high as 12C.

Before the warmer winds arrive on Tuesday evening, weather warnings have been announced for snow and ice in parts of the country including Tayside and the border region.

The UK's warmest ever Christmas Day came when 15.6C was recorded in 1920 in Killerton, Devon.

Last Christmas was the coldest on record, with the Scottish Highlands experiencing temperatures as low as -18.2C.

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