Is Norway's 1,982ft Pulpit Rock the world's scariest tourist attraction?

There's no safety barriers or security guards - yet hundreds of thousands of tourists still risk their lives to visit the 1,982ft cliff face Pulpit Rock, in Norway every year.

Is Norway's 1,982ft Pulpit Rock the world's scariest tourist attraction?Solent

Most people enjoy the view over the fjord from the 82ft by 82ft plateau, but the serious thrill-seekers even dangle their legs over the side of the huge rock face, which was formed during the ice age 10,000 years ago.

British tourist Greg MacDonald took the most recent snaps of the attraction, which, despite having no railings to preserve the cliff's natural beauty, has so far seen no accidents.

Greg told The Sun: "The closest I came (to the edge) was to lie down and put as little of my head over the edge as possible in order to see over and even then I struggled.

"In the end I opted for sticking my camera over the edge while lying down.

"Others, including fairly young children, will happily sit with their legs hanging over the edge whilst eating their lunch.

"It made me a bit nervous just watching other people stand so close to the edge - especially when some jumped in the air for a photo."

Would you dangle your legs over the edge of this dizzying drop?

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