No men allowed: London hotel launches women-only rooms


No men allowed: London hotel launches women-only roomsDukes Hotel

Are 'women only' hotel rooms set to be the latest hotel trend? The managers of the Dukes Hotel in London seem to think so, with the introduction of special 'Duchess Rooms' to cater for single female travellers and groups of holidaying women. And men are most definitely banned.

The assigned rooms at this discreet classic London hotel will be attended exclusively by female room attendants and provide extra items such as hair styling accessories, glossy magazines and fresh flowers. Other 'feminine touches' include a make-up mirror and a sewing kit.
But is this all a tad discriminatory? A recent Danish ruling declared a similar scheme at a hotel in Copenhagen illegal.

The Bella Sky, which opened "Bella Donna" secure-access floors for women only in May this year, was told it was breaking the law after a male member of the public complained to the country's Equal Treatment Board.

The hotel has now been ordered to remove the ban on male access to the floor, although it hasn't done so yet. A spokesperson told the AFP news service: "The only man who can access this floor will be a fireman in case of fire."

Around the world, women-only rooms have been popping up aplenty. These include The Naumi Hotel in Singapore, the Premier Hotel in New York City, and Crowne Plaza hotels in Washington and Minnesota.

Are women-only rooms in hotels a good idea or a backward move? Tell us what you think!

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