Which city is smoothing its cobbles to help high-heeled visitors?


Which city is smoothing is cobbles to help  high-heeled visitors?Getty

Well-heeled visitors to Italy will be pleased to learn of the latest plans in Rome to smooth over some of the city's iconic cobblestones.

Mayor Gianni Alemanno has announced that many of the capital's popular streets are to be to re-paved in order to make it easier to walk along them in high heels.

Announcing the makeover plan, he said he wanted to make to make the paving "less dangerous... especially for women in heels". The smoothing-out operation will include Via del Corso, one of Rome's central and most popular roads among fashionistas and tourists alike.

But according to Italy magazine, the mayor has stressed the importance of maintaining Rome's history and personality by preserving the cobblestones. The old ones will be replaced with more modern, smoother stones that will be set and sealed in a base of concrete in order to stop them being uneven.

Other Roman streets up for the makeover include Via del Teatro Marcello, Via Petroselli, and Piazza Bocca della Berita.

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