And the UK's safest city is....


Glasgow named the safest city in the UKRex

Glasgow could be one of the most relaxing places for a staycation - after being named the safest city in the UK.

The Mercer 2011 Quality of Living Index ranked Glasgow and Aberdeen a joint 44th for personal city, out of a list of 221 cities across the globe. Birmingham came in 53rd and London in 68th on the list, which judged safety ratings based on internal stability, crime levels, law enforcement effectiveness and the host country's international relations.

This year was the first time Mercer had included the safest cities in its report, with Luxembourg nabbing the top spot, and Bern, Helsinki and Zurich following.

Baghdad in Iraq ranked as the least safe city in the world, as well as having the lowest standard of living.

Vienna was named the best city overall to live anywhere in the world.

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