Sweet smell of... Southport? Seaside resort gets own fragrance


Sweet smell of... Southport? Seaside resort gets own fragrancePA

We love fish and chips for tea, but a fish and chips fragrance? Not so sure.

A British grandmother has created Southport's very own perfume, inspired by its local tourist attractions.

Barbara Pratt, a former tax consultant who has had training in cosmetics and skincare, formed the idea when she heard a novelty perfume had been created for the Midlands town of Burton-on-Trent based on Marmite and Branston Pickle.

She told the Southport Visiter: 'I thought we have so much in Southport I could do something which would reflect its essence.

'I just thought it was so exciting that we could be the first seaside resort in the UK with its own fragrance.

'Why shouldn't Southport have its own fragrance? People come and they want to take home their own souvenir – and I think it looks great.'

Barbara came up with 'eau de Southport' in her living room, and it will now sell for £25 at local souvenir shop.

Well, if celebrities can do it, why not our seaside holiday resorts?

Guess the seaside town

Guess the seaside town

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