Naked woman left dangling upside down from holiday balcony during sex

Naked woman left hanging upside down from balcony in Tenerife during sex with husband

A British woman nearly fell to her death from the balcony of her Tenerife holiday flat while having sex with her husband.

She was left hanging naked and upside down after tumbling over a handrail, having plummeted several feet from the balcony, in the Adeje area of the island.

The 49-year-old holidaymaker, who has not been named, was only saved from crashing to the marble floor below after her right ankle became trapped between two bars as she fell.

Her husband contacted emergency services, who had to force apart the railings to free her. She was rushed to hospital with a broken ankle.

Speaking in the Daily Mail, a police spokesman said: "Her good luck was that getting her leg caught stopped her from falling. Her bad luck was that she broke her ankle, was naked and couldn't get free.

"We warned her and her husband to think about safe sex in the future."

"Had her leg not been trapped, the consequences could have been much more serious."

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