Next year families will be taking a 'thrillaxation'


Next year families will be taking a 'thrillaxation'PA

If you find family holidays stressful, you're not alone.

But new research by has found that it is possible to take a holiday that de-stresses everyone - including parents - without having to rely on kids' clubs.

Apparently, the key is to give up on the idea of winding down and look for an adrenalin surge instead.

Known as 'thrillaxing', researchers at iExplore believe that this could be the key to a harmonious holiday.

Rob Laurens of iExplore says: "Our research highlights that - contrary to traditional holiday thinking - keeping both body and mind stimulated with new experiences while away is fundamental to recharging your batteries."

So whether you opt for skiing, kayaking or mountain biking it seems that a 'thrillaxation' could be the best way to recharge.

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