Prince Charles hailed as 'saviour' of Europe's last remaining wilderness



Romania's tourism minister has praised the Prince of Wales for supporting a campaign to protect Europe's "last remaining true wilderness" and for helping attract visitors to the country.

Prince Charles is known to be passionate about the country's Carpathian Mountains, and owns two guesthouses there.

In a recent TV documentary on the Travel Channel, the prince spoke out against the threat posed by loggers to the region's forests in a bid to save them from the fate struck much of Britain's woodland.

The Greater Carpathian region, which spans 209,000 square km, has been hailed as the largest area of unspoilt nature in Europe.

Romania's tourism minister Elena Udrea met Prince Charles at Clarence House. Speaking in the Daily Telegraph, said: "He has done more for Romania than most Romanians. His enthusiasm has been an inspiration."

See the video of Carpathia below.

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