Egypt's Great Pyramid closed by 11.11.11 controversy


Egypt's Great Pyramids closed by 11.11.11 controversyPA

Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities made the decision to close the great pyramid of Khufu - also known as Cheops and the Giza complex's largest pyramid - to tourists after pressure from protest groups to seal off the area.

The council reportedly faced a backlash after a Polish numerologist group wanted to hold a ceremony at the famous site to protect the world from 'cosmic forces' threatening to destroy the planet next year.

The group, called Dar Swiatowida, believe that numbers have mystical properties, and that November 11, 2011 - 11/11/11 - is one of the most 'potent' days in the Earth's history. They also believe that the world will come to an end on December 12, 2012 - 12/12/12 - because it marks the end of 5,125-year cycle in the ancient Mayan calendar.

According to the Telegraph, they wanted to hold a 'Ceremony of Love' at the Great Pyramid, where 'two interpenetrated pyramid-shaped cystals' would be placed inside the building to give it extra powers, giving it the energy of all sacred sites around the world to 'create a shield between the planet and cosmic forces'.

But the superstitious nature of the whole ceremony didn't sit easily with conservative Egyptian locals, who started to believe rumours that 1,200 Jews were set to attend the ceremony and erect a Star of David above the Great Pyramid, claiming it was built by ancient Israelites rather than ancient Egyptians. There were also rumours of Masonic rites being held at the site.

The director of the complex, Ali al-Asfar, told Sky News: 'It has been a big cause now on Facebook and Twitter for many people to write about.'

In the end, the Supreme Council of Antiquities chose to close the popular tourist attraction for the day, citing 'maintenance' reasons.

The council's head Mustafa Amin said all reports of planned ceremonies at the site are 'completely lacking in truth'.

Around four million people visit the Pyramids of Giza every year.

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