Is there a great white shark in the English Channel?


Is there a great white shark in the English Channel?Getty

A blue shark with big bite mark has been found washed up on a Sussex beach - sparking fears a great white shark could be roaming the waters of the English Channel.

Vet nurse Nikki Lambert, 27, came across the gruesome find when she was walking her dog in Camber Sands, East Sussex.

She emailed a picture of the discovery to the Marine Conservtion Society, and told the Mirror:

'It had a hole just behind its flipper through which you could see its internal organs.
'I was told that the only animals who would attack a blue shark like this would be a great white shark or a killer whale.'

She did, however, concede that it was possible the marks were made after it was dead by a 'dog or bird'.

Blue sharks, which have themselves have been known to kill humans and can grow to sizeable 12ft, have previously been spotted off England's west coast.

But no sighting of a great white has ever been confirmed in British waters. That, according to Richard Peirce of the Shark Trust, does not mean it is impossible. He said as seas get warmer, there was a 'good chance' they could stray here.

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