Stressed out? You need a short break, not a long-haul holiday


Stressed out? You need a short break, not a long-haul holidayGetty

Two thirds of Brits say that regular short getaways are better stress-buster than infrequent longer holiday, according to a new survey.

Research commissioned by to mark National Stress Awareness Day today, reveals that 86% of us are taking weekends away throughout the year, with batter-recharging break every three months being named by 66% as a necessary de-stressor.

Long holidays are proving to be more stressful with people worrying about having two weeks or more away from their desks, and facing the pressures that might have piled up during their absence when they return.

What's more, over 80% of people said that a short break with family or friends would relax them more than regular massages or luxury spa treatments.

Psychologist Corinne Sweet told Travel Mole: 'Regular short breaks can act as a vital valve to release everyday stress especially when times are tough.

'Sometimes a longer break can actually increase stress given the amount of planning and organisation they involve.

'Short breaks certainly endorse the old saying that "a change is as good as a rest.'

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