Surfer's paradise: Monster 50ft wave hits Fistral Beach in Cornwall


Surfer's paradise: Monster 50ft wave hits Fistral Beach in CornwallSouth African professional surfer Richard Sills takes on the monster wave. Photo: SWNS

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was the scene from so far-off exotic location like Hawaii or Australia.

But this giant 50ft wave actually took place this weekend a lot closer to home: at Fistral Beach in Cornwall, to be exact.

The phenomenon, known as the 'Cribbar', only takes place once every 18 months, and professional surfers from around the world have flocked here to take on its challenge since it was discovered by three Australians in 1966.

The Cribbar is considered to be the biggest UK wave spot, and is created when the Atlantic swells and the onshore winds combine.

Fistral Beach is home to the British Surfing Association and has played host to major international surfing competitions.

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