Video: Safari tourist footage of brave elephant attacked by croc


In an obvious case of 'eyes being too big for your stomach', a greedy crocodile got taught a lesson when it attempted to grab an elephant's trunk while it was drinking from a river in Botswana.

The elephant was quenching its thirst at the Chobe River, when a tourist on safari caught amazing footage of a crocodile leaping from the water to try its luck at a rather large dinner.

Fortunately, the elephant wasn't giving in without a fight, and managed to slam-dunk the crocodile off its trunk.

Situated at the north west of Botswana, the Chobe National Park is a hugely popular safari spot with tourists worldwide.

Not only is it the country's most well known conservation area, it also has the highest concentration of elephants on Earth, with 120,000 roaming its land.

Chobe Safari Lodge is a wonderful luxury accommodation option located on the banks of the Chobe River, and is also close to the amazing Victoria Falls.

See the elephant versus crocodile battle below:

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