'Where are you, mum?' 200,000 penguins look for their chicks


200,000 penguins looking for their chicksCaters

This amazing image shows more than 200,000 king penguins searching for their hungry chicks on the South Atlantic island of South Georgia.

The scene was captured by German photographer Michael Poliza after the penguins had returned en masse to their home colony for a new breeding season.

Every year, the king penguin colony at Salisbury Plains, South Georgia, produces around 50,000 chicks - a number which is on the rise.

Mr Poliza, from Hamburg, Germany, said he was left speechless when he was met by the noise, smell and breathtaking sight of the enormous colony.

King penguins lay just one egg each year and the fluffy brown chicks take 11 months to become self-sufficient, so it's fortunate for them that their parents can pick them out...

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