We've had the hottest October day for 100 years - and there's more to come


We've had the hottest October day for 100 years - and there's more to comeAFP/Getty

Yesterday has been officially declared Britain's hottest October day for more than a century.

A senior meteorologist with MeteoGroup confirmed a top temperature of 30c (86f) in Yorkshire, with Gravesend, Kent not far behind with 29.9c (85.82f).

The temperatures were higher than we experienced in July and August - and were only beaten by scorching temperatures on June 27 when highs of 33.3c (91.9f) were enjoyed at Olympic Park in London.

Even though it's just four weeks until the clocks go back, the heatwave is set to continue until the middle of next week, with light rain expected on Wednesday.

The heatwave, triggered by high pressure to the east which has brought southerly winds from France and the Mediterranean, means that we have been enjoying temperatures that are an average of ten degrees higher than expected for this time of year.

But not all parts of the UK are enjoying the heatwave.

There was rain in Northern Ireland and Scotland, where temperatures were struggling to reach the mid-teens.

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