Top ten weird and wonderful train fare-dodging excuses

Claiming to be related to the the Queen and a member of the Zimbabwean SAS are just a couple of the far-fetched excuses given to avoid paying a train fare, it has been revealed.

Ticket inspectors have released their top ten wackiest excuses for fare-dodging as they reveal that 110,000 train journeys a day are made in the UK by people who avoid paying the fees.

The number of people who don't splash the cash for train trips are contributing to sky-high fare rises, say experts, who suggest the money could be reinvested to improve rail services for passengers.

David Mapp, commercial director for the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), said that companies deal with ticket-dodgers in a 'fair but firm manner' using their discretion to decide whether a traveller has a genuine excuse to be without one.

And he reassured other passengers that 'strong deterrents are in place' to ensure that other travellers don't end up paying for those people who don't.

Top ten fare-dodging excuses

Top ten fare-dodging excuses