Ryanair calls money guru Martin Lewis 'as over the top as Louie Spence'


Ryanair calls money guru Martin Lewis 'as over the top as Louie Spence'Photos: PA

Ryanair has reportedly described money guru Martin Lewis' condemnation of their new pre-paid card 'as over the top as Louie Spence'.

The card, launching in November, will be the only way customers can avoid paying the £6 card charge fees that add up to £48 on return tickets for a family of four.

The pre-paid Mastercard will no longer be able to get passengers out of the fee.

Money expert Martin Lewis has said the card is 'sticking two fingers up at regulators' like the National Office of Fair Trading, who want airlines to ditch booking fees, after launching a recent investigation into them.

In response, according to The Sun, Ryanair reportedly compared Lewis to the famously flamboyant Pineapple Studios Star Louie.

Mr Lewis said he was frustrated as 'in general I'm a fan of Ryanair's overall pricing', but he added: 'They're making people jump through hoops. Many of them have already gone out and got the existing pre-paid Mastercard but that's no longer good enough.'

Consumer Focus expert Adam Scorer agreed, saying: 'Customers shouldn't have to sign up to a special service to avoid fees.'

The Ryanair Cash Passport costs £6 to acquire from its website, with the customer receiving £6 worth of vouchers in return.

Customers will face a £2 charge for using the card to withdraw money at an ATM, while every non-Ryanair purchase with the card will cost 50p - and the no-frills airlines gets a cut.

But Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara urged passengers to buy it (of course), telling The Sun: 'This year 75million true money-saving experts will fly on Ryanair's unbeatable low fares.'


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