One of LA Zoo's gorgeous new tiger cubs dies


One of LA Zoo's gorgeous new tiger cubs diesYouTube

This week we reported the news that three beautiful Sumatran tiger cubs had been born at Los Angeles Zoo.

But, sadly, the zoo has confirmed that one of the babies has passed away.

A necropsy has shown the cub sustained head injuries, but vets cannot determine exactly how.

The cubs' mum Lulu has previously successfully raised two litters, a total of five cubs, and will be allowed to carry on raising the remaining two cubs, which will rely on her for at least a year.

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens takes every care to protect its young, ensuring they are not allowed into the public exhibition area until they are strong enough.

Owing to threats like poaching and destruction of their habitat, Sumatran tigers are an endangered species.

LA Zoo has set up an area on their website to provide regular videos and updates of the two cubs at

See the three cubs before the fatal accident below: