'Tornadoes will batter Britain', says forecaster

Winds on beach in UK

Cancel that late summer stay-cation! Tornadoes are set to batter Britain in the coming week or so, with winds of up to 65mph predicted this month, according to some weather forecasters.
Persistent and torrential rain, along with powerful winds is being predicted, and forecasters from Positive Weather Solutions say that parts of Britain will also be at risk of tornadoes - especially in the southern parts of the Midlands and down towards the south, known to some forecasters as 'tornado alley'.
Speaking in the Metro newspaper, Jonathan Powell of Positive Weather Solutions, said: Britain is set for a real battering.
'It is looking like a sliding scale of misery with torrential rain and violent storms - some of which could be near hurricane force.'
'They can strike anywhere in the UK, although it is the Midlands down towards the South, the so-called 'tornado alley', which is most at risk.

'There may be a chance of seeing water spouts whipped up by tornadoes.
Helen Chivers from the Met Office, told AOL Travel: 'We certainly are in for some very windy weather in the next few days, especially from Saturday onwards. These winds could be unusually strong for the time of year and there's a potential for severe gales.' She recommended that people keep a close eye on forecasts over the next few days.
'Temperatures could hit a 25C by Friday and Saturday, although this will be brief, as there is a succession of storms on its way.'

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