Prince Harry set for boys' weekend in Las Vegas during helicopter course


Prince Harry set for boys' weekend in Las Vegas during helicopter coursePA

He's well known for his party-loving lifestyle, and Prince Harry is now set to jet off for a 48-hour boys' weekend in the ultimate live-it-up hotspot, Las Vegas.

The trip to Sin City will come as a halfway break in between his 12-week helicopter course in America.

A military source told the Sunday Mirror: 'It's traditional that guys on his course, which is split between California and Arizona, have a break in Vegas at the halfway point.'

'The course doesn't have much downtime - it's pretty intense. This is a chance for pilots to let their hair down, kick back and enjoy themselves.'

The 26-year-old royal recently showed off his excellent partying skills at the Veneranda club in Hvar, Croatia, where he was snapped dancing on the edge of a pool before throwing caution to the wind and jumping right to it.

So Las Vegas, with all its famous clubs and casinos, is bound to be a right royal riot.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry will land in El Centro, California, in the first week of October, before training at the Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in Arizona.

The trip is the next stage in his training in flying Apache helicopter gunships, which he has recently been learning to do at RAF Wattisham in Suffolk.