David Miliband decries snobbery over his Center Parcs holiday


MP David Miliband has decried the snobbery he faced after telling colleagues that he had taken his family for a holiday at Center Parcs in France.

In a post on his website, Mr Miliband said: "The week in Provence got all the usual approval when we explained to friends and colleagues where we were going. But when we said we were having a week at Center Parcs, we got a few raised eyebrows. One person said they had heard it described as an open prision, others said they would never allow their kids to lure them there.

"But the truth is when we sat down and asked what would the kids like (aged six and three), we realised that a morning cappuccino in nice squares comes bottom of their wish list. The playground could be anywhere - rain or shine - as long as it's a nice playground.

"The weather wasn't great. But the little cottage was fine (never had three showers in a two bedroom house before). The boys had a really good time. And they didn't mention that the lack of historic buildings, old churches, charming hill towns blighted the holiday."

"We've not booked a return, yet. But no more snobbery, please."

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