Beaches on Seychelles' shark-attack island closed as British man dies


Beaches on Seychelles' shark attack island are closed following second fatalityPA

Beaches on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles have been closed after a shark attacked and killed a British honeymooner - the second shark fatality on the island this month.

At an emergency meeting last night, Seychelles' interior minister, Joel Morgan, ordered the closure of all surrounding beaches and banned swimming in waters around the scene of the attacks.

Alan St Ange, head of the Seychelles tourism board, told the Daily Telegraph: "We are closing the beaches pending the arrival of experts from South Africa."

Shark hunters are being flown from South African to track down what is thought to be a "rogue" shark. Earlier this month a 36-year-old French tourist was killed by a shark in the same area.

Local police said Ian Redmond, aged 30 from Lancashire, had no chance of surviving the attack which happened at Anse Lazio beach on Praslin, the second largest island in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

Police spokesman Jean Toussaint told the Express Mr Redmond had been "badly injured" on the hips and lost an arm in the attack, which occurred while he was swimming in the early evening.

"We haven't got the autopsy report yet but he definitely lost a lot of blood. He had no chance of surviving because of the nature of the injuries," he said, adding that "a big effort" was now under way to catch the shark.

"It was a freak incident because it had never been reported before around the islands. It took everybody by surprise," he added.

Mr Redmond was snorkelling 30ft off the beach when the 6ft shark, believed to a tiger shark, attacked. His new wife Gemma Houghton, 27, who was sunbathing on the beach, heard his screams and witnessed the fatal attack. The couple had been due to leave Praslin on Friday to spend the weekend on the main island, Mahe, before flying back to the UK.

Every year, around 19,000 British tourists visit the Seychelles, an extremely popular honeymoon destination. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge spent their honeymoon on the North Island earlier this year.

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