Rod Stewart admits: 'I trashed Holiday Inn hotel rooms'


Rod Stewart admits: 'I used to trash Holiday Inn hotel rooms'PA

At 66, Rod Stewart might be all grown up now, but he's admitted to some typically rock star behaviour in his youth - including trashing Holiday Inns hotels.

The singer says he messed up other hotel rooms on the road, but chose to take his wild ways out on Holiday Inns in particular, because they didn't 'respect' him.

He told the Mirror: 'It seems foolish now, but we did it is because, especially in the Holiday Inns, we'd get no respect.

'They didn't want to serve us, so we took our revenge.

'We'd empty rooms, stick furniture in the lift and send it to the lobby. I did it in Perth in the 80s and got a £7,000 bill.'

But Rod says he only did what any other man in his position would have.

'All I've done is what most guys would have done if they got lucky. But I've grown up now.'

We believe you, Rod.

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