'Smoking' plane dumps fuel over Sydney


'Smoking' Air Canada plane dumps fuel over Sydney The Boeing 777 landed safely back at Sydney Airport. Photo: PA

An Air Canada plane carrying 262 passengers was forced to dump fuel over Sydney after smoke filled the galley just after take-off.

The flight departed Sydney Airport heading for Vancouver and Toronto at 10.25am, and reportedly experienced a smoking oven just 30 minutes later.

Air Canada's general manager for Australia and New Zealand, Jeannie Foster, said the plane's captain hadn't declared an emergency, but was forced to dump fuel over Hornsby and Longreef in the city's north, as a precautionary measure before returning safely to Syndey.

A resident in Manly told news.com.au: 'The plane was so low, I've never seen a plane fly like that ... going from side to side. It was clearly a plane in distress.'

At 11.53am the captain reported that he had completed the fuel dump, and the Boeing 777 was met by ambulance and fire engines when it landed after midday.

Air Canada are investigating what started the smoke-cloud and are hoping to have the plane back in the sky as soon as possible.

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