What happened to summer? Mini twister now hits Britain


After days of torrential rain at a time when we should be soaking up the sun, the UK has now been hit by a mini twister.

The 'baby' tornado was spotted racing through the sky in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, and came as the Met Office issued severe weather warnings.

Crowds of onlookers gathered to witness the scene, an unusual site on Britain's shores.

Web designer Carl Spencer, 25, caught the twister on his iPhone from his office in the town.

He told the Daily Mail: 'It was amazing, I have never seen anything like it in Leamington Spa.

'I was caught in a twister in Namibia three years ago, which was unreal but I never expected to see one in my own home town.

'I was sitting at my desk just after lunch when my colleague shouted across the office that there was a tornado.

'I didn't believe him at first, however, when I looked out the window I could see this black twister spinning in the sky.

'It seemed to be shooting out of large grey cloud - it really dominated the skyline.

'It must have been at least 100ft from top to bottom. It was getting bigger and bigger.'

A Met Office spokeswoman said it was likely a funnel cloud, and told the paper: 'The weather conditions required for the formation of a funnel cloud usually have to be showery, so a day when heavy showers or thunderstorms occur.

'Funnel clouds are caused by the up and down draughts that can occur within deep shower clouds called cumulonimbus clouds.

'Certain conditions can lead to the rotation of the cloud at its base.'

As well as the unusual sighting of a twister, Britain's summer took another turn for the worse as flood warnings were also issued for the North East, parts of Cumbria, the East of England, and the East Midlands.

On top of this, drivers were also warned today to expect jams on major routes as the school holidays begin this weekend.

The Highways Agency warned parents to plan their journey and to check traffic and weather conditions before setting off.

Mr Penning said: 'For many people this will be the longest car journey of the year, often on an unfamiliar route and we want to help them to avoid spoiling the start of their holiday.

'A few moments checking traffic conditions before you set off could take a lot of stress out of the journey.'

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