What are the home comforts Brits won't holiday without?


Don't forget your... toilet paper and tea bags!

New research released this week by lowcostholidays.com, suggests Brits can't head off on holiday without our favourite loo roll, and tea bags for a familiar-tasting brew.

Surprisingly 25% of the 1,061 respondents also pack an alarm clock - perhaps to give them a head start with the poolside beach-towel-ritual in the mornings?

Other home comforts that find their way into Brits' suitcases include bacon, Marmite and, sadly for some, their work phone.

Packing techniques vary with 40% of respondents claiming to be 'pretty organised', 17% just chuck everything in at the last minute and just over 6% have the time to be meticulous packers, wrapping their clothes, layer by layer in tissue paper.

Pre-holiday preparations for those polled include 62% shopping for new items for the holiday and 13% using a sunbed or fake tan to avoid looking too pale.

And what about holidaywear? Over a quarter have clothes that they will only wear abroad, and just over 4% still choose to hit the beach in the classic sock-and-sandle combination.

What are your holiday comfort must-haves? Let us know below!

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Hot summer holiday deals

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